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New York Personal Injury Due To Kite Fighting

A New York family is suing the city for personal injury after their 12-year-old son, Jared Kopeloff, had his throat cut by a rogue kite wire near Flushing Meadows.

If you have read the national best seller The Kite Runner, you should be fairly familiar with the sport of kite fighting.  In it, the players must try to cut the wire of the opponent's kite in the air with their kite wire. This means that the wire must be very sharp. Traditionally, it would be common to use ground-up glass, which is what the string in question was covered in.

When a kite losses the fight and is cut, it flies away, untethered. On a windy day, there is no telling where it could end up. And along with the kite, goes the sharp-as-razor string: hard to stop and even harder to see.

Only something so sharp could cut Kopeloff's neck "from ear to ear" with the need for between 400 and 500 stitches  (as reported by the New York Post). Along with the massive scar, Kopeloff lost two lymph nodes. 

Kopeloff was not competing in the kite-fighting event: he was blocks away skateboarding when the wire wrapped itself around his neck.  The family is suing the city for allowing the event to take place.