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Same Incident, Two Personal Injury Cases: Case Two

After the death of Inman Morales, following a police Taser incident, the officer who ordered the subject be Tasered committed suicide. Now, Lt. Michael Pigott's family have hired a New York Personal Injury Attorney to help them in their suit against the city and NYPD.

As reported by the Daily News, Pigott's widow said, "They didn't ever ask for his side of the story...They took his life."

Their attorney, Rodney Lapidus, added, "They made him believe he was going to be prosecuted... they smeared this man's reputation... [and] they threw him to the wolves."

He was a decorated cop who had served for 21 years. Before this incident, he had a spotless record. In his defense, Morales had "poked the light bulb at the officers who were coming down towards him from the fire escape." Moreover, Morales was mentally unstable and screaming that he would kill them.