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NY Bans Drop-Side Baby Cribs

Parents of New York, and the country, will have one less thing to worry about when their kids are settled in their crib, as long as it isn't a drop-side crib.

A recall of over 2.1 million cribs is the largest recall in US history reports the ABC 7 News. Any drop-side crib that was manufactured between 1993 and October of 2009 is on the recall list. Because of the danger that these cribs impose, "Suffolk County has become the first municipality in the nation to ban the sale of drop-side baby cribs."

Four children have died from suffocation when their heads were stuck between the bedrail and the mattress. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has had to recall many different baby products including a stroller that led to amputated fingers earlier this month.

Fortunately, there was a new law last year that has required safety testing for children's products and high standards. But has the law been doing enough? If it had, would a county of New York need to ban the cribs? In my opinion, the law should have made them safer or taken them off of the market.

New York seems to be one of the states at the forefront of child safety and protection. Take Leandra's Law for example. Now it is an automatic felony to be driving under the influence if you have a child under 15 in the car at the time. New York is charging people with serious jail time and fines for endangering a child: now, the state is aiming at the companies that sell dangerous products for children.

If your child has suffered brain damage, dislocated limbs, or worse from a dangerous product, contact a New York personal injury attorney. Whether the culprit is a drop-side crib or an uneven high chair, companies that put out poorly-tested products need to be stopped. Even if your child just missed being injured, it is something to discuss with a personal injury attorney, because what was a close call for your child, may not be for someone else.





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