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Officer Suing After Horse Fall

Another woman has fallen off of a horse, and this time, the victim is an NYPD Mounted Unit cop.

Officer Tara Brzozowski claims that she was "seriously injured" when her horse, Kodiak, stumbled and propelled her off of its back, as reported by the . Allegedly, she was riding Kodiak on a bike path near 12th Avenue and 58th Street when Kodiak tripped on a manhole cover. Her injuries have not been reported in detail.

Brzozowski believes that it is the city's fault for having her ride in that area with that particular horse. reports that in the lawsuit that she filed at Manhattan Supreme Court, Brzozowski claims that Kodiak was not "street qualified." She believes that if she had had a different horse, the fall and the injury may have never occurred.  

In a , another woman sued the city for her injuries after she was allegedly bitten by an NYPD horse. She claims that she was bitten on her forearm, and that the attack left "permanent injuries." As of yet, there are no new developments in her personal injury case.

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