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Cyclists Get $98K From NYPD

New York injury lawyers scored a huge victory for five cyclists who were allegedly harassed by New York officers during a monthly cycling ride. 

The cyclists, who were detained and arrested during the 2007 Critical Mass ride will be receiving a total of $97,751, with their New York personal injury attorneys receiving a total of $35,000 of the settlement, in an apparent contingency fee arrangement. 

In a video clip from March 2007, a rider named Richard Vazquez, 55, is knocked off his bike by an NYPD police officer. The officer is then seen arresting Vazquez. Such actions were not uncommon. The NYPD has been quarrelling with the Critical Mass riders for several years. In other years, a man was knocked off his bicycle, resulting in assault charges and the eventual resignation of the police officer.

Police brutality and municipal misconduct are not a new areas of law for New York injury lawyers. We've discussed municipal tort liability several times in this blog and we've addressed the issue of liability for the NYPD. A police officer who usurps his authority as an officer of the law may be held liable under personal injury law for the tort of assault. There are several other tort doctrines that apply to police brutality, including false arrest and sometimes even intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Recently, the NYPD's school security officers arrested a twelve year old girl for doodling on her desk. There are several similar claims of school security officers, most of whom essentially fall under the realm of the NYPD, falsely arresting or the faulty arresting of school children for minor violations of school policy.

If you have questions of police liability, it may be wise to contact a New York injury lawyer. Since there are things such as police immunity from civil liability, a New York injury lawyer will be able to help guide you. For more information, please visit our Related Resources links. 

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