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Survey: New York Drivers Lead to More New York Car Accidents

While it may seem like most people from the Big Apple blame out of town drivers for New York car accidents, it seems like they may be wrong. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that New York drivers know the least when it comes to the rules of the road.

Now before you New Yorkers start mouthing off to your New York injury lawyer about how your car accident was not your fault, but the fault of someone from New Jersey, you may be comforted by the fact that New Jersey drivers are the second worst drivers in the nation.

It seems like there are an awful lot of unfit drivers in the U.S. in general. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, close to 20 percent of licensed drivers across the country (which make up close to 38 million drivers nationwide) may be unfit drivers. In other words, they would fail a state issued written exam if they had to take it today.

Parents Urge Ban of Drop-Side Cribs

Drop side cribs may soon be history.

After allegedly causing numerous infant deaths and being responsible for several cases of strangulation and suffocation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that it plans to enact mandatory safety regulations, banning the sale and manufacture of drop-side baby cribs.

Walmart Coffee Maker Recall

Well, parents can breathe a little easier today, seeing as how this latest recall doesn't affect children's items, the way the last few recalls did. Of course, coffee lovers do have another personal injury blog post to read about this morning-- and this one is nothing like the other coffee-related blog post last week.

There's been a coffee maker recall today, announced by the CPSC.

Sean Bell's Fiancee to Have Her Day in Court Against NYPD

On the same day as a street in Queens was set to be named after him, Sean Bell's fiancée was allowed her first taste at vindication in the wrongful death of her beloved, nearly four years ago.

Nicole Paultre-Bell brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the NYPD, after her fiancée was gunned down outside a Queens strip club nearly four years ago, in a 50-shot barrage. There were five officers involved in the shooting and the NYPD has yet to determine whether the officers will face any disciplinary action. As a result of this, the city has been urging the court to grant another three month delay.

Bronx Cop Robert Oswain Dies of Cancer from Ground Zero Exposure

They're the forgotten heroes of 9/11. And over the weekend, one of them passed away.

On Saturday, Police Officer Robert Oswain passed away. He was just 42 years old. Robert Oswain was an officer from the Bronx and had been serving in the recovery efforts at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

Manhattan Starbucks Sued For Too-Hot Tea

A Manhattan Starbucks is facing the wrath of Zeynep Inanli's New York personal injury lawyer.

Ms. Inanli is suing Starbucks for serving her hot tea.

But wait a minute-- isn't tea supposed to be hot?

E*Trade Responds in Lindsay Lohan Milkaholic Lawsuit

This is a new development to the Lindsay Lohan- E*Trade saga.

Lindsay Lohan has been blasted in the answer to her complaint filed against E*Trade.

The E*Trade baby has spoken, again! 

Remembering the 2003 Staten Island Ferry Crash

New York personal injury lawyers are remembering the 2003 Staten Island ferry crash, which killed 11 people.

The crash happened when the pilot of the ferry had fallen asleep at the helm. He had been taking painkillers at the time and was alone in the cabin. As a result of the 2003 Staten Island ferry crash, the city of New York became party to over one hundred lawsuits and legal battles that changed the application of maritime law, as well as the way New York injury lawyers practice ferry-crash cases.

George Harrison's Doc Sued Again for Wrongful Death

George Harrison's former doctor is being sued.

But not by the estate of the Beatle's legend.

This time, Dr. Gilbert Lederman's New York personal injury lawyers are defending him in a case of wrongful death stemming from alleged malpractice.

Kids Tylenol, Other Child Meds Recalled

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Parents have so much to worry about these days. And now, here comes another child medication recall.

Yes, parents. Just when we thought that avoiding cold medicines for our little toddlers was the only problem we faced at the pharmacy. But now, to make matters even more difficult for parents of toddlers, we now need to steer clear of the medications we thought were okay.

No soup for you, Missy Chase Lapine!

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife have been embrawled in a bitter defamation lawsuit, brought by Missy Chase Lapine, the author of a cookbook called "The Sneaky Chef".

New York injury lawyers have likely been following this case since 2008, when Missy Chase Lapine brought suit alleging copyright infringement against Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica Seinfeld. Jessica Seinfeld authored a book, "Deceptively Delicious", based on the premise of sneaking healthy foods into children's meals. According to Lapine, however, this concept was plagiarism of her book, which presented similar ideas.