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Walmart Coffee Maker Recall

Well, parents can breathe a little easier today, seeing as how this latest recall doesn't affect children's items, the way the last few recalls did. Of course, coffee lovers do have another personal injury blog post to read about this morning-- and this one is nothing like the other coffee-related blog post last week.

There's been a coffee maker recall today, announced by the CPSC.

Approximately one million coffee makers are being recalled. These coffee makers are almost exclusively sold by Walmart stores. The recall specifically affects coffee makers made by General Electric, notably their branded 12-cup digital coffee maker. They are available in both black and white and are sold across the country. The coffee maker poses burn risks as well as the threat of property damage.

There have been several reported injuries, and Walmart has received 83 reports of overheating, smoking, melting, burning and fire. Injuries include burns to the hands, feet and torso. One worry with the GE 12-cup coffee makers is that of property damage. There have already been reports of kitchen fire and damage to counter tops, cabinets and walls.

The purchase date of the GE 12-cup coffee makers range between March 2008 and January 2010. If you've purchased one of these coffee makers between those dates, then contact Walmart. If you've suffered as a result of these GE 12-cup coffee makers, then contact a New York personal injury lawyer to discuss your concerns and questions. There could be potential claims for product liability as well as general tort liability. Although not every involving these coffee makers will necessarily be a winning case, only a New York personal injury attorney would be able to tell you what your rights and remedies are.

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