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Ancient Surgical Technique Used to Fix Dog Bites

According to WABC-TV News, almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. More severe bites lead to someone going through reconstructive surgery every twenty minutes. Fortunately, Dr. Stephen Smith of Ohio State University Medical Center has combined modern technology with a centuries-old surgery to better repair injuries from certain kinds of dog bites.

Any New York personal injury attorney may tell you how dogs can be a source of injury in a personal injury case, even if they are one of the most loyal pets. Experts have said children suffer half of all dog bite injuries, most of which bring harm to the face or hands. Most dog bite injuries, however, center on the nose.

Dog lover Megan Harris was one out of many who suffered a facial injury from a dog bite. A friend's 160 pound dog attacked her and cut off about half of the tip of her nose. Since there aren't very many good reconstructions for that area of the face, Dr. Stephen Smith decided to use an ancient technique that was first done in India in 600 B.C.

Smith used the skin from Megan Harris' forehead to close the wound, making an incision and removing a flap of the skin. This type of surgery remains as one of the best options for plastic surgeons like Smith who encounter more dog bite cases each year. 17 fatal dog attacks happened each year during the 1980's and the 1990's. However, it seems that there are more attacks in recent years. At least twice as many occurred last year.

Some dog bite injuries may result in a legal claim depending on the circumstances. Many people suffering an animal attack may want to find a New York personal injury attorney to determine whether a legal claim can be made and recover damages if possible.

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