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Nechama Rothberger Charged with Texting While Driving

Brooklyn teenager Nechama Rothberger was texting while driving when her car crashed into a Chinese restaurant deliveryman on his motorized scooter in Midwood, Brooklyn. The New York Daily News reported Nechama Rothberger crashed into Tian Sheng Lin while trying to respond to a text message, and as a result the 53-year-old deliveryman suffered severe head trauma and has been declared brain-dead.

Police officials said Tian Sheng Lin was a block away from the Best China Restaurant and headed east on Avenue P when he attempted to turn left onto East 17th Street. Nechama Rothberger, in her Toyota Camry, was driving behind the deliveryman and waited to make the same turn. While the 19-year-old tinkered on her cell phone to reply to a text, her vehicle hastily collided into Lin as he tried to complete the left turn.

Tian Sheng Lin was immediately brought to Kings County Hospital after the crash. Lin's nephew Hong Bing Gong expressed how miserable his family feels with having to suffer through his uncle's injury. Nechama Rothberger was charged with a misdemeanor count of reckless driving and a violation for driving while using a mobile phone. She was arrested and released on a $5,000 cash bail the day after the accident.

While this is a criminal case, evidence of texting while driving can possibly lead to a personal injury lawsuit. If you have questions about injuries that you sustained during a car accident that involved texting, find a New York personal injury lawyer to talk to. A New York personal injury lawyer can often assess your legal claim and tell you what possible legal remedies are available to you.  

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