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Pedestrian-Bicycle Accidents On The Rise

The New York Times reported a surge of conflict between bicycle riders and pedestrians has been coursing through New York City, but most objections to bad bike behaviors come from Manhattan. According to police, the number one complaint among locals in the Upper East Side has been cyclists who disobey traffic laws. 

Jack Brown of the Coalition Against Rogue Riding said that "bikes are running amok." Carriage drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists have complained about fast riders known as "scorchers." Delivery guys, who often "salmon" or move against the flow of traffic and run red lights, are adding to the erratic behavior of bikers. Curb cuts and ramps at many of the New York intersections have also made it easier for bikers to maneuver through the sidewalks and street.

Police have given out 15,957 tickets to bikers through the first half of 2010. Many have pushed for more aggressive enforcement though it hasn't been very successful. The city increased fines from $40 to $100 for riding on the sidewalk in 1996, but the penalty appears to not have the desired effect.

NY personal injury attorneys may have to deal with more pedestrian and bicycle related incidents than ever before. Two researchers at Hunter College discovered evidence of almost 38,000 bicycle-pedestrian collisions between 1980 and 2009 after evaluating data from 100 hospital emergency rooms across America. Nancy Gruskin, a music educator, lost her husband last year when he was killed in a collision with a cyclist biking the wrong way on a Midtown Street. 

If you have suffered injuries from a pedestrian-bicycle case, look into contacting a NY personal injury attorney to evaluate and pursue a potential claim.

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