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Queens Car Crash Kills Elderly Pedestrian Rashid Muhammad

The New York Daily News reports that a van collided into an ambulance and killed an elderly pedestrian on a busy Queens sidewalk. The van had flipped over and struck Rashid Muhammad, 75, pinning and trapping the victim to the ground.

Rashid Muhammad, a retired auto mechanic, was walking home after his daily routine of buying bread for his family before the accident occurred. The FDNY ambulance had its lights and sirens blaring as it rushed to Elmhurst General Hospital with a stroke patient. The ambulance smashed into a Stuart Dean construction van within a matter of moments; sending the van flying off the road.

The van hurtled onto Rashid Muhammad and landed on top of him, requiring more than a few people to pull and rescue the elderly man from under the vehicle. Muhammad died shortly after the accident. The EMTs and their patient suffered minor injuries. The construction van driver was not harmed.

The police say it is not clear as to whether the drivers of either vehicle would be cited for any offense, and the cause of the collision continues to be under investigation.

Every person, as pedestrian or driver, hopes to stay clear of any car accident, but this sad accident shows that you never know what to expect. If you are involved in any automobile accident, you should get a hold of a New York personal injury attorney and discuss potential legal claims. Since pedestrian accidents typically involve things such as fault and comparative negligence, an attorney can help guide you through a potential legal claim.

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