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Roger Clemens Caught in Defamation Lawsuit

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens faces a defamation lawsuit by his former trainer Brian McNamee for allegations that Clemens damaged his trainer's reputation by accusing him of being a liar and mentally unstable. The case was heard in the United States District Court in New York, but both their attorneys argued before Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. as to whether the case really belonged in New York state.

Brian McNamee's accusations that Roger Clemens used performance-enhancing drugs while pitching for the Blue Jays and Yankees triggered the name-calling from the former baseball player. Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin said his client was within his rights to defend himself against the false claims and asked Judge Johnson to dismiss the case. For Hardin, Clemens was simply denying statements that were untrue and used hyperbole that reflected his client's opinion.

McNamee, however, argued that the former pitcher's assertions- such as being mentally troubled- ruined his career as a personal trainer. New York personal injury lawyer Richard Emery said Clemens and his team launched a campaign that deliberately and "very effectively destroyed Brian McNamee's credibility." Meanwhile, both parties' lawyers debated about whether McNamee's defamation lawsuit belonged in a New York courtroom. Emery argued that the case developed from the men's relationship in New York from 2000 until 2002 while Clemens was getting paid in New York.

Defamation can cover any statement that can potentially hurt someone's reputation and is a false statement. If you have more questions about a possible defamation claim, browse through the Related Resources links to better understand defamation law or meet with a New York personal injury attorney to better grasp the concept of defamation.

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