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Woman Attacked by Allen Hirsch's Monkey Files Lawsuit

According to the New York Daily News, Allen Hirsch's pet monkey, Benjamin, tackled and injured Queens hairdresser Parvin Hajihossini on July 18 during her weekend stay at Hirsch's upstate bed and breakfast. Allen Hirsch, owner of the Kaaterskill Lodge in the Catskills, is also recognized as the artist who painted Bill Clinton's inaugural portrait.

Parvin Hajihossini, 53, took pictures of Benjamin while the monkey was unguarded and seemingly tucked away in an enclosed cage at the lavish lodging. Suddenly, he leaped out of the confines and clawed Hajihossini as a worker gawked at the scene. Hirsch swiftly disappeared with his monkey after the event and Hajihossini was left getting a rabies shot because of the attack.

Not only does Hajihossini have a gruesome scar along her cheek to remind her of the violent monkey, she also continues to suffer from nightmares as a result of the attack. Depressed by the injury, Hajihossini refuses having her customers come in to see her.

Hirsch was later found in South America, though he refuses to provide further commentary on the case.

Any New York personal injury attorney can tell you that typically in an exotic pet attack case, the victim will have to show that there was negligence on the pet owner's part. In this case, the victim will have to show that the pet owner was aware of the pet's dangerous propensities. The lawsuit filed in Queens Supreme Court by Parvin Hajihossini mentioned that Hirsch's monkey had previously exhibited a vicious and dangerous nature.

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