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Couple Sues Long Island Hospital Over Fertility Treatments

Abida Mahmood and Sajid Mahmood claim their doctor thawed and killed their embryos, shattering their hopes of having a family of their own. According to the New York Post, the Queens couple filed a malpractice lawsuit against the Long Island hospital they went to for fertility treatments.

Last year, Abida Mahmood and Sajid Mahmood were incapable of conceiving and visited the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Center for Human Reproduction at Manhasset's North Shore University Hospital. The couple's NY personal injury lawyer Stephanie Ovadia said her clients' physician, Matthew Cohen, started an in-vitro fertilization program for the couple. The procedure involved extracting Abida's eggs, fertilizing them outside her womb, and implanting the eggs back into her.

The lawsuit states Matthew Cohen removed 18 eggs last November. Of those 18, 16 of the eggs were successfully fertilized and matured into embryos. but 2 of the embryos failed to develop into a pregnancy one month later. In February, Cohen did a second procedure using another 2 embryos, but it led into another unsuccessful pregnancy.

Abida and Sajid Mahmood chose to change doctors in May and asked Cohen's office to give back their embryos. The couple waited at least an hour at North Shore after being instructed to pick the embryos up at the office. Then they were told the embryos had been thawed and damaged, to which Abida could only ask the hospital staff, "Why did you destroy my embryos without my permission?" The Mahmoods' ended up filing their lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court.

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