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Google Ordered To Reveal Info On Carla Franklin's Cyberbully

Columbia MBA graduate Carla Franklin was harassed by an online bully on YouTube and currently seeks to unmask the unknown individual. According to the New York Daily News, a Manhattan judge has now directed Google to identify the online tormentor who terrorized Franklin on the video-sharing website.

The cyberbully has trash-talked Carla Franklin under three different pseudonyms on YouTube. According to the Daily News, her friends alerted her of the insults online. Franklin then filed an application for disclosure with the Manhattan Supreme Court to compel the disclosure of the poster(s) using URLs that included the names of "JoeBloom08," "JimmyJean008," and "greyspector09" who wrote derogatory statements about her and posted unauthorized video clips from a movie she was in.

Franklin's NY personal injury lawyer David Fish said his client "wants to make sure this doesn't happen anymore to her, or to anyone else." Carla Franklin is one among several who has asked Google to unmask the cyberbullies who have harassed them. One Broadway celebrity recently filed a suit against Twitter, demanding the identity of the person who has lied about him catching crabs from a cast member in Avenue Q.

For Carla Franklin's case, the Manhattan judge's order allows Google fifteen days to disclose any information it has about the cyberbully who posted comments on YouTube videos featuring Franklin.

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January 13, 2010 Editors Note: We have made some minor factual clarifications to the content in this post.

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