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Shipley Family Sues New York City

Staten Island residents Andre and Korisha Shipley lost their 17-year-old son Jesse Shipley in a terrible vehicle accident. After their son's burial, they were shocked to find that Jesse's brain was not included with the rest of his remains. The parents discovered their son's brain was actually on display in the medical examiner's office, according to CBS New York.

Two months after Jesse Shipley's burial, some of his friends saw a brain in a jar labeled with Jesse's name during a high school field trip to the morgue. The ME's office explained to Andrew and Korisha Shipley that they were holding the brain for tests, but the parents were never informed up until that time.

Ultimately, the parents won a court order to have to organ returned. As a result, the family had to bury their son a second time. Korisha Shipley, still perplexed by the situation, wanted to know why she was never informed that Jesse's brain was kept at the ME's office. Had the parents been informed that the organ was held back for testing, they said they would have just delayed the actual funeral rather than have two.

The event has currently led Jesse's parents to sue the city in order to recover damages and prevent the incident from ever happening again to another family. The lawsuit was permitted to proceed by the New York state's appellate division.

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