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Xiu Ming Li Mauled By Pitbulls In Brooklyn

The New York Daily News reported three pit bulls brutally attacked Chinese restaurant owner Xiu Ming Li when he crossed through the fenced yard of a Brooklyn home to pass out menus. The 52-year-old victim suffered leg, arm, and head injuries and had one of his earlobes bitten off after the dog attack.

Xiu Ming Li, owner of the Jing Lung Chinese Restaurant in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, unlatched the gate and entered Samantha Sing's yard in spite of the "Beware of Dog" sign posted on the fence. Sing's 3-year-old pit bulls immediately ambushed Li as he walked up the driveway of the house. After the incident, Li's daughter Shih Ru Li explained her father couldn't read the sign because he "doesn't understand the concept of trespassing."

Samantha Sing phoned police after she ran outside and saw the commotion on her driveway. "He came in here," she said. "Why would he come in here?" While Xiu Ming Li was taken to Kings County Hospital, police seized Sing's pit bulls at once, holding them in custody at Brooklyn's Animal Care and Control Center.  Sing thinks Li "hyped up" the scene, which has triggered conflict between her and Li's daughter.

This may be a fascinating case for a New York personal injury attorney to evaluate and determine whether either party is responsible for the injuries and loss resulting from the incident. Issues of trespassing and negligence may be involved in a potential injury case, although authorities said they have no plans to charge Samantha Sing.

To learn more about the elements behind trespassing or an animal attack, talk to an experienced New York personal injury attorney or visit the Related Resources for general information.

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