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YouTube Video Shows City Tow Truck Hitting Parked SUV

A city tow truck was recorded continuously hitting a parked SUV in Brooklyn Heights as it attempted to pull out the loader out of a snowy parking spot, the New York Daily News reported. The video launched on YouTube Tuesday and gained over 200,000 views within a couple of hours.

The footage showed the loader running into a city-owned Ford Expedition as the yellow snow-mover tried to help maneuver out onto the street. The loader slammed into the Ford several times before moving out of the parking spot, and the plow struck the SUV's window and hit another parked car on its way out.

The wife of Eugene McArdle, who owned the Ford, said the situation "could [have] been completely avoided" and thought "it was a poor decision" on behalf of the drivers of the tow truck and loader. While no one was injured, but roadways and streets that are not well maintained may place drivers and pedestrians in dangerous and hazardous circumstances.

Poor road conditions are the primary instances that lead to fatal car crashes, according to a study done by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE). A lack of maintenance and poor road conditions account for almost 31.4 percent of all accidents that happen every year in the United States.

Icy streets or roads covered in snow can lead to potential auto or pedestrian accidents during the winter in very cold areas like New York City. If you have suffered injuries from an accident involving poor roadway conditions, seek legal counsel from a NY personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case. For general information, visit the Related Resources links.

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