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Vangelis Kapatos Jumps Out Of Apartment Building

Manhattan local Vangelis Kapatos jumped out of the ninth-floor window of his New York apartment on Monday, according to Reuters. Fortunately, Kapatos landed on a large mound of trash that was left uncollected during the city's intense snowstorm last week. Katharina Capatos, Vangelis' aunt, said many of the residents had been complaining about the accumulating trash and layers of snow that were piling up along the sidewalks.

"I'm thankful that [the trash] was never picked up," Capatos said as her nephew currently remains hospitalized under critical but stable condition. New York police officials said Vangelis Kapatos left no suicide note before leaping out of the apartment and that the garbage below had broken his fall.

The incident occurred after Vangelis Kapatos had been released from the psychiatric ward of the Bellevue Hospital the previous week. Katharina Capatos said her nephew was suffering from depression and had been at Bellevue for a month. She also revealed Kapatos was anxious about being potentially evicted from his apartment. The New York City Housing Court said Kapatos had been scheduled for an eviction hearing on Tuesday.

This case could potentially lead to a personal injury suit over the medical treatment Vangelis Kapatos did or did not receive while at Bellevue Hospital. A legal question could arise over whether there was negligence in releasing a man that seemed still so in need of treatment. Although no further information was provided regarding Kapatos' treatment for depression, an experienced New York personal injury attorney can evaluate the case and determine the possible legal remedies that may be available to Kapatos and his family.

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