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Bicycle Pedestrian Accidents a Greater Concern

A new study by Hunter College shows that bicycle pedestrian accidents are a greater concern than previously thought. In New York City, more than 500 pedestrians each year are injured badly enough after getting struck by a bicycle to require a hospital visit.

While 500 serious injuries may pale in comparison to the number of pedestrian injuries caused by cars in the city, the number is surprisingly high for researchers, reports The New York Times. Only two years ago, an analysis of different data showed just a little over 1,000 hospital-inducing bike/pedestrian accidents for the whole country.

Of course, the results from both studies do not accurately reflect the total number of bike/pedestrian accidents in the city or nationwide, as many accidents result in minor injuries that do not require hospitalization, reports the Times.

For those pedestrians who have sustained injuries due to bicycle accidents, you should know that you can sue for your injuries similar to car accidents or any other personal injury.

So if a bicyclist was careless and failed to yield to pedestrians crossing the crosswalk, the bicyclist may be held liable for damages just the same as a driver of an automobile would be. In addition, if the city improperly maintained or blocked a sidewalk, the city could also be held liable for injuries.

There were a surprising number of reported bicycle pedestrian accidents in the city, says a new study. However, even this number of accidents may not accurately reflect the true number of pedestrian injuries as the study left out injuries not resulting in hospitalization.

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