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Brooklyn Woman Wins $60 Million for Botched Acid Reflux Surgery

Kaitlyn Nelson, a 24-year-old woman from Brooklyn, won a $60 million judgment for a botched acid reflux operation.

The woman received the surgery at Maimonides Hospital in December 2000, when she was just 13, and as a result, Nelson's stomach is now paralyzed, reports the New York Post.

The surgery called for doctors to tighten Nelson's sphincter at the base of her esophagus to correct the acid reflux problem, reports the Post.

However, during surgery, Nelson's attorney accuses the doctors of botching the surgery by injuring Nelson's vagus nerve, causing paralysis to her stomach muscles. After the surgery, Nelson had to eat with a food tube and she requires supplemental oxygen.

A Brooklyn jury agreed with Nelson's attorney, and deliberated for only two hours before awarding the woman the staggering sum of $60 million.

An award of damages generally tries to approximate the amount of injuries that someone suffers. A jury may consider many factors including the extent of the harm, the age of the victim, and the impact the injury has on that person's life.

Kaitlyn Nelson received the acid reflux surgery when she was just 13 years old. As a result of the surgery, the girl lost feeling in her stomach. So as the girl entered her teen years, and enters adulthood and maturity, Nelson will forever be unable to enjoy a meal at a restaurant and partake in other activities that people take for granted.

A Brooklyn jury awarded Nelson $60 million for the botched acid reflux surgery. While this damage amount may seem staggering high, when you consider what the 13-year-old girl, and now 24-year-woman, has missed out on, and will forever miss out on, the amount may seem staggering low.

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