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Jersey Shore Angelina Fight Leads to Lawsuit

Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick says that she was attacked inside a Hot Topic store and is now suing the alleged attacker and Hot Topic. But the Jersey Shore Angelina fight and lawsuit could backfire on the reality TV star.

Perhaps best known for her fight against Snooki on season 2 of the MTV show, Pivarnick was apparently involved in a real-life fight at the Staten Island Mall last year, reports the New York Post. Pivarnick and her friend were shopping at Hot Topic when a group of youths approached them starting trouble. A fight broke out and one of the youths, Kelsey Balzafiore, was arrested and charged for battering Pivarnick’s friend.

Nothing in the police report indicated that Pivarnick herself was struck, but Pivarnick is suing anyway claiming that she was also attacked, reports the Post. According to court documents, Pivarnick says that she was "assaulted, battered and harassed," and left "wounded, bruised, and injured and sustained severe shock to her nervous system."

While most people know that battery is typically a criminal charge, you should also know that battery may lead to civil charges and personal injury lawsuits as well. And it's usually easier to win a personal injury lawsuit as one only has to show that she was struck, and does not have to show criminal intent like a desire by the perpetrator to cause harm.

However, to prove either criminal or civil battery, one still needs to be struck. Balzafiore says that she never came into physical contact with Pivarnick and nowhere in the police report did Pivarnick even allege that Balzafiore struck her, reports the Post.

As a result, Balzafiore is now planning on countersuing Pivarnick including charges for defamation.

Angelina Pivarnick was best known for stirring up drama on the Jersey Shore. With the Jersey Shore Angelina fight and lawsuit, the reality star is stirring up real-life drama as well.

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