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Law School Scam: More Schools to Join New York Law School Suit

In August, we wrote that a group of law school grads were suing the New York Law School for fraud. These law school grads were more than just litigious young attorneys practicing their craft. Instead, they alleged that New York Law School was part of a law school scam, where schools touted lofty employment potential and six-figure salaries to lure students out of their money.

Now, attorneys representing the graduates have indicated that the lawsuit may be expanding as they plan to add graduates from 15 more schools, including five schools from New York, reports the New York Post.

The heart of the lawsuit is that the graduates want law schools to be held accountable for their alleged misrepresentation -- the same as any company in any other industry -- reports the Post.

They allege that law schools flaunted high-paying jobs and 90-percent employment rates in these dismal economic times. And eager young students threw money at the schools not knowing that some schools surveyed only a small percentage of students to come up with the high starting salaries and included any employment (think McDonald's) in coming up with the 90-percent employment rate.

Generally, someone would be liable for misrepresentation if he knowingly makes a false statement, and someone relies on that false statement to his harm. The law graduates argue that they relied on the law school's misrepresentations and were harmed when they paid tuition for three years only to graduate with dismal job prospects.

There is an ever-growing army of young unemployed attorneys. These attorneys may come back to bite the schools that educated them with the expanding law school scam lawsuit.

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