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Upper East Side Dog Attack Death?

Police suspect that an Upper East Side dog attack may have led to a man’s death.

City marshals showed up at an apartment on East 62nd Street to evict the tenant, reports the New York Post. They found a bloodbath instead.

When the marshals entered the third-floor apartment they found the unidentified victim lying on a blood-soaked kitchen floor. He had a cut above his eye and bite marks on his arm and leg, reports the Post.

A large white pit bull belonging to the victim’s roommate was found tied to a tree outside the apartment. The dog had dried blood on his face and muzzle.

Police are still investigating the incident and have taken the dog owner and dog into custody. No criminal charges have been filed, but it was reported that the two roommates may have been fighting that morning, and police speculate that the dog may have jumped into the fray killing the victim.

Regardless of whether the killing was a criminal act or not, the dog owner could face civil liability for a wrongful death. A neighbor told the Post that he had run-ins with the dog owner and pit bull in the past. In a 2009 incident, the neighbor said that the dog bit his arm, while the dog owner stood by and laughed.

If this is true, the dog owner should have been on notice that he had a dangerous dog and should have taken protective measures to prevent future attacks. Failure to do so may be negligent, and the dog owner could be liable for any damages resulting from the attacks — including damages from death.

Police believe that an Upper East Side dog attack led to a man’s death. If this is true, the dog owner could face significant criminal and civil penalties.

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