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Laurie Fine Knew About Abuse, Failed to Stop It?

In a damning recorded telephone conversation, Laurie Fine (the wife of former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine), says that she knew about the alleged child sexual abuse and felt powerless to stop it.

If this recorded call is true, it is perhaps the strongest piece of evidence against Bernie Fine and also calls into questions why Laurie Fine did not do more to stop the abuse. She basically finds herself playing the Mike McQueary role in this scandal.

Black Friday Safety Tips

Who would want to go shopping on Black Friday? Who would want to lineup on Thanksgiving night in a cold parking lot to start shopping when the clock strikes midnight? Well, given the deals that many stores are offering, maybe you'd be crazy not to join the shopping frenzy.

But as plenty of people have been injured (and even killed) by the mobs of people that gather to take advantage of the early deals, you will want to keep the following Black Friday safety tips in mind.

Cuttino Mobley Lawsuit: Cat Sues Knicks for Retirement

Knicks owner James Dolan just can't avoid lawsuits stemming from former players and coaches. In the Cuttino Mobley lawsuit, the player nicknamed "Cat" claims that the team forced him to retire in 2008 in an effort to save money.

Mobley successfully played with a heart condition since 1999 when he was diagnosed, reports the New York Post. By forcing him to stop playing, Mobley says that the team saved $19 million.

Syracuse University Sex Abuse Scandal Involving Basketball

Perhaps the one bright spot to come from the Penn State University/Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal is that it may have emboldened other child sex abuse victims to come forward to speak out about their tormenters.

In an eerily similar case, Syracuse University and its storied basketball program is accused of being involved in a child sex abuse scandal involving an assistant coach. Bernie Fine plays the role of Jerry Sandusky, alleged child abuser and legendary Orangemen coach Jim Boeheim could play the role of Joe Paterno, alleged enabler.

Patti LaBelle Sued for Attacking Family Outside Apartment

Patti LaBelle was sued again. This time for allegedly attacking a kindergarten teacher and her young family outside the lobby of their West Side building.

This Patti LaBelle lawsuit follows a separate lawsuit over the summer where LaBelle's bodyguards were caught on tape beating a West Point cadet for allegedly standing too close to the diva's luggage. The victim of that beating sued LaBelle for injuries and monetary damages.

Who is Responsible? Drunk College Kid Falls Out of Bed, Paralyzed

Kei Usami passed out drunk on his dormitory bed at Fordham University. He fell during the night and woke up paralyzed.

Now, the 20-year-old Usami says that the school is responsible for his injuries. The school says the Usami is to blame himself for drinking too much. The school also says the bed manufacturer is responsible for providing an unsafe bed. It was not clear who the bed manufacturer blames.

So who is responsible for Kei Usami's injuries?

Oscar de la Hoya Lawsuit: More Cross-Dressing Alleged

The last time there was an Oscar de la Hoya lawsuit involving fish net stockings and cross-dressing, the former champ reportedly had to pay the woman $20 million to go away.

It's still too early to tell how de la Hoya will handle his most recent scandalous lawsuit -- this one for a wild night out at The Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South -- reports the New York Post.

Le Paz Funeral Home Sued for Stinky Wake

The funeral in New York went well. But when it was time for Jose Ramos’ wake in Puerto Rico, things did not go so smoothly.

Now the family of the deceased is suing the Bronx funeral home — Le Paz Funeral Home — for damages. So what went wrong?

Bronx Mom Sues Over Kennedy Fried Chicken Stabbing

A group of customers were sitting inside a Kennedy Fried Chicken when gangbangers rushed inside the store and announced a stickup.

And how did store employees respond?

They turned off the lights and hid. As a result, 17-year-old Jovan Davidson was hit in the head and stabbed four times in the ensuing melee, says Davidson's mother in her Kennedy Fried Chicken stabbing lawsuit.

Sue the Wedding Photographer? Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate Wedding

Should you sue the wedding photographer if you're unhappy with the results? While you may get your money back, the events of the wedding have passed and will never be captured on film.

However, that's not stopping one New York man, Todd Remis, from suing. Not only does the former groom want to be repaid the $4,100 it cost for the photos, but he also wants the photographer to pay $48,000 to recreate the whole wedding.

Subway Train Runs Over Blind Man, No Injuries

A blind man fell onto the subway tracks in Brooklyn and was nearly run over by a slow moving train. The blind man subway accident miraculously did not result in any injuries.

The unidentified blind man is in his 60s and reportedly thought that the train had arrived at the Church Avenue/McDonald Avenue station in Kensington, reports the New York Post. The man stepped across the tracks to board.