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Brownsville Brookdale Hospital, One of the Worst?

Brookdale Hospital dangerous? Brownsville, Brooklyn has a reputation for being rough and unsafe, and according to a federal study, its hospital is no different.

In a March survey by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Brookdale Hospital was found to have violated a bevy of health and safety regulations and the violations threaten the hospital’s Medicare and Medicaid funding, reports the New York Daily News.

Some of the incidents cited in the study, as reported by the Daily News include:

  • A man with mental health problems choked to death on a sandwich while in the emergency department waiting for a bed.

  • Infants were left in an "isolation area" with no consistent supervision by staff and no surveillance monitors or alarms.

  • A seclusion room in the psychiatry unit was covered in urine stains and debris.

  • Long delays in administering pain medication that had been ordered for patients.

  • Multiple patients, including several sexual assault victims, were placed in the wrong triage categories in the emergency department.

  • Failure to provide instructions for non-English speaking patients entering the emergency department.

In some of these cases, Brookdale Hospital may have exposed itself to medical malpractice legal liability. The hospital is expected to treat its patients with a level of care, and sending patients to the wrong triage departments, long delays in providing treatment, and giving the wrong treatment may all warrant a call to a New York City medical malpractice lawyer, if the actions were unreasonable or careless.

Living in Brownsville can be dangerous, and unfortunately for the residents of this Brooklyn neighborhood, the headlines are also reporting "Brookdale Hospital Dangerous."

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