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Christmas Lights Fire and Other Holiday Dangers

Christmas is a season of giving, families, and joy. But if you are not careful, it can also be a time for Christmas lights fire, burnt homes, and ruined lives.

You may have read news reports of dangerous Christmas gifts to avoid buying your kids like products with small pieces that can pose a choking hazard. But in reality, the most dangerous thing you can put into your home may not be anything you can place under your tree, but it can be the tree itself and the old lights with which you decorate your tree, reports ABC.

Regardless of whether you buy a fresh tree or an artificial tree, Christmas trees are extremely flammable and can erupt if exposed to an open flame or defective lights. Christmas trees last only about four weeks and then essentially become kindling, reports ABC.

However, Christmas trees are not the number one fire hazard for the holidays. Instead, that dubious award goes to candles and defective Christmas lights.

Candles and open flames pose an obvious danger, and you should always blow out the candle when leaving a room, reports ABC. However, spotting defective lights can be a bit more difficult.

When purchasing lights, you should look for a "UL" sticker. This is typically a metallic sticker attached to the light and the presence of the sticker means that it has been tested for certain uses. A red UL sticker means that it has been tested for rain, humidity, and has been approved for outdoor use. A green UL means the lights are for indoor use only and should never be placed outside, reports ABC.

However, many unsafe lights still slip through the cracks and if a defective product damaged your home, you will want to talk to a New York City products liability lawyer.

Companies generally bear the responsibility for placing defective products on the market. And if there is a defective design or manufacturing defect in a product, and the product causes harm, the company will likely be held responsible.

Holidays can be a joyous time that can quickly turn tragic with Christmas lights fire and other dangers. You should be careful when placing Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations in your home.

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