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Elevator Accident Death on Madison Avenue

An elevator accident death was reported at the offices of Young & Rubicam. Suzanne Hart, a 41-year-old sales executive at the advertising firm, stepped onto a waiting elevator and before she was able to fully enter the elevator shot up like a bullet.

With half her body in the elevator, and half her body out, Hart got stuck between the elevator cab and wall and was killed, reports the New York Post.

As investigators review the elevator accident, the focus of the inquiry will likely be on the contractor Transel. Transel, a company that had performed a lot of elevator maintenance work in Manhattan, had done electrical work on the elevators in the 285 Madison Avenue building just hours before Hart stepped in, reports the Post.

For an elevator to move when the doors are not fully closed, the Post reported that there are several errors that could have occurred like power surges or a failure of the sensors in the elevator doors.

There are usually redundant safety measures in elevators, so the fact that Suzanne Hart was killed in a recently maintained elevator is surprising and may lead some to believe that an electrical problem was ignored or worsened by a Transel worker.

If Transel was negligent in maintaining the elevator, such as accidentally cutting an electrical line, or if the company was careless in overseeing a glaring error with the elevator's electric work, the company could be liable in a wrongful death action.

An elevator accident death was reported on Madison Avenue as an ad executive headed up to her office. If you have been injured in an elevator accident, you may want to speak with a New York City personal injury lawyer. And if you've been injured in an elevator accident at work, you may also want to speak with a New York City workers' compensation lawyer.

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