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New York Distracted Driving Laws to Get Even Tougher?

Just a few months ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed new state law strengthening New York distracted driving laws. Pursuant to the bill, distracted drivers faced enhanced penalties for driving while using handheld devices in an effort to curb the dangerous practice.

However, Governor Cuomo's tough stance on distracted driving may soon get a lot tougher if the Governor follows the advice of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and drafts new law banning the use of all cell phones and smart phones while driving, including the use of hands-free devices, reports CNN.

In July, Governor Cuomo signed the new distracted driving laws. But included within that law was a safe haven for hands free devices. So, drivers who talked while driving were allowed to do so as long as they used an approved device.

In the meantime, NYC car attorneys were kept busy as drivers continued to talk, text and drive and cause accidents. While the new laws may have stopped some distracted driving, a quick look at the drivers around you would reveal that many drivers simply ignored the laws and continued to talk and drive.

As a result, the NTSB sent a drastic proposal to all states: that every state adopt a law banning all non-emergency use of cell phones and smart phones even when used in conjunction with a hands free device, reports CNN.

There are no exceptions in the proposed new law for certain types of drivers or limitations for certain types of devices. Instead, all hand-held and hands-free devices would be covered by the law.

New York distracted driving laws were already tough, but if the state follows the NTSB's call to action, the laws could get a whole lot tougher.

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