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Defamation in Greg Kelly Rape Claim?

Investigators in the Greg Kelly rape claim say it may be a story they’ve heard before. Girl meets guy. The two hit it off and have a one-night stand. But girl already has a boyfriend. Girl tells boyfriend about sex, but says she was raped. Boyfriend pressures girl to bring a criminal charge against the other guy.

An unidentified 29-year-old paralegal and aspiring model says that Good Day New York host Greg Kelly raped her after a couple of drinks at a Manhattan bar following a chance encounter on the streets, reports the New York Post.

Oscar De La Hoya Knocked Out for Kinky Sex?

In her Oscar De La Hoya lawsuit, Manhattan model Angelica Maria Cecora says that the boxer engaged in an hours-long, drug-fueled sex session with her that included him dressing up in her lingerie and having “extreme sex” inside a Central Park hotel.

She says that she performed an “astounding sex act” on De La Hoya and when it was done, the boxing champ was still not ready to call it a day, attempting to wake her up several times during the night to do it all over again, reports the New York Post. Oscar De La Hoya does not deny any of this.

Toddlers and Tiaras Lawsuit: Susanna Barrett Sues the Media

A mother who enters her five-year-old daughter in beauty pageants and participates in the reality television show Toddlers and Tiaras has sued three media outlets for defamation for apparently criticizing her mothering skills.

Susanna Barrett filed the Toddlers and Tiaras lawsuit against TMZ, Huffington Post, and Daily Mail after the three news outlets criticized her for having young Isabella Barrett parade around a stage singing the lyrics to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" while reportedly "gyrating," reports the New York Post.

Plaxico Burress Legal Woes: Pays Woman for Car Accident

The biggest boon to the pocket books of the local law community may have been the addition of Plaxico Burress to the city. Since the New York Giants acquired Burress in 2005, he has kept New York City criminal lawyers and New York City car lawyers busy with billable work.

In the most recent incident, Burress was accused of rear-ending a Florida woman, Alise Smith, with his Mercedes-Benz in 2008. In the Plaxico Burress car accident lawsuit, the woman says that she suffered neck and back injuries, reports the New York Post.

Fantasy Avenger Pays $100,000 for Long Island Car Accident

This is where fantasy meets reality. Ashley Romano was a computer gamer who went by the alias Da Darkside Angel. When her real-life lover crossed her, Romano utilized the skills she learned playing Assassin's Creed and literally drove her boyfriend off the road.

Jonathon Bari suffered severe injuries in the Long Island car accident, and this week a jury awarded him $100,000, reports the New York Post.

Mini Cooper Recall: 89,000 Cars Called Back for Fire Hazard

Maybe this small car isn’t such a smart car. BMW announced a Mini Cooper Recall of 89,000 vehicles after several reports of the car engine catching fire when the car is turned off.

Perhaps BMW should retract their slogan, “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” as they were apparently aware of this problem since 2009. The company failed to take steps like recalling the vehicle or notifying the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) until the NHTSA began its own independent investigation, reports The New York Times.

Is Nothing Safe? Radioactive Tissue Boxes Recalled

The New York State Department of Health recalled the Dual Ridge Boutique metal tissue boxes from Bed Bath & Beyond store shelves after it was discovered that the brushed metal tissue boxes were radioactive.

State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah says that the radioactive tissue boxes were never a threat to the people in the state as they were removed from store shelves before being sold, reports the New York Daily News. Still, shoppers in other states may have been exposed.

Pedestrian Headphone Injuries: Music and Walking Dangerous?

Perhaps the one ubiquitous accessory you can find on both men and women walking the streets of Manhattan is the white iPhone/iPod earbuds. Everyone from hipsters to businessmen are listening to music or podcasts while walking to wherever they go.

However, pedestrians may want to consider bucking this trend and removing their earbuds and headphones while walking. This is especially the case given a new University of Maryland study that found a much higher rate of pedestrian headphone injuries and accidents, compared to the number of accidents involving pedestrians not wearing headphones, reports Fox News.

Manhattan Woman Sues Michael Brown for Giving Her Herpes

The answer to the age old question: "Can you sue someone for giving you an STD?" Apparently you can, and a Manhattan businesswoman is suing her wealthy ex-lover for giving her herpes.

Many in New York may not know who Michael Brown is, but apparently he is well known in Houston social circles where he used to be a successful hand surgeon before losing his medical license for drug use several years ago, reports the New York Post.

Excedrin Recall, Gas-X Recall, and More Announced by Novartis

Excedrin recall, Gas-X recall, are words that probably affect you if you live or work in New York City. Excedrin, Gas-X, and other popular over-the-counter drugs, (such as Bufferin for pain and NoDoz to keep you working through the night), are now all subject to a massive recall.

And this recall is for a pretty big mix-up, reports The Associated Press.

Papa John's Employee Types Racial Slur on Customer Receipt

The biggest danger when ordering a pizza used to be that a disgruntled employee would spit into your pie. Now, apparently you can get a racial epithet thrown at you, to go along with your dinner.

On January 6, Minhee Cho stopped by a local Papa John’s to get a pizza. To her surprise, when she checked her receipt, she saw that her customer name was written as “lady chinky eyes,” reports ABC. Cho quickly tweeted an image of the Papa John’s racist receipt and the story went viral.

New York Sports Club Members Sue for Harassment

You may know that companies can be sued for sexual harassment when they allow employees to harass other employees. However, you may not know that companies can also be sued when they allow employees to harass customers.

In the New York Sports Club lawsuit, the gym is being sued by two members who claim that a female employee barged into the men’s locker room and ordered the customers out. The customers were in varying stages of undress and the female employee allegedly would not leave and let them dress in peace, reports the New York Post.

Manhattan Elevator Accident: Transel Implicated Again

What goes up, must come down. However, with the help of machines like elevators we can go up, then down, stay put, and make several stops before coming down.

But when elevators do not work properly, they come down in a crashing heap and we have a Manhattan elevator accident like the one that killed sales executive Suzanne Hart last month or the one that allegedly crippled fitness trainer Corey Hill back in November.

Dog Lawsuit: Pooch Sues for Pain and Suffering

So how much pain can a dog feel? If you're a dog owner like I was, you probably realize that dogs can experience as much pain as any human being. And given their status as "pets," a dog's vulnerability and suffering can be especially heart-breaking.

Yet, dogs are treated as property in the eyes of the law, reports the New York Post. So one could argue that damage to a dog could be treated like damage to a car or any other thing you own.

Now a Manhattan jury may have the chance to determine once and for all if dogs can in fact legally feel pain in a dog lawsuit filed on behalf of a dog.

Jennifer LaCarriere Bigamist for Not Finding a Good Lawyer?

The price you pay for not finding a good New York City divorce lawyer.

Jennifer LaCarriere says that she was duped by a Midtown “divorce mill” and as a result she’s now married to two men. Criminal charges have been brought against the divorce mill, but LaCarriere now has to scramble to make her second marriage legal.