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Defamation in Greg Kelly Rape Claim?

Investigators in the Greg Kelly rape claim say it may be a story they’ve heard before. Girl meets guy. The two hit it off and have a one-night stand. But girl already has a boyfriend. Girl tells boyfriend about sex, but says she was raped. Boyfriend pressures girl to bring a criminal charge against the other guy.

An unidentified 29-year-old paralegal and aspiring model says that Good Day New York host Greg Kelly raped her after a couple of drinks at a Manhattan bar following a chance encounter on the streets, reports the New York Post.

The woman says she was starstruck and had sex with the television anchor at the law firm where she worked. Whether the sex happened does not appear to be at issue; however, there is question as to whether the sex was consensual.

As investigators look into the accident, including the pattern of text messages between Kelly and the woman, they are starting to believe that the woman agreed to the sex and then felt guilty about it, reports the Post. The two had apparently “sexted” several times leading up to the night of the alleged rape. After the alleged rape, the texting continued as the woman apparently wanted to hook up again.

If it is true that the woman fabricated the Greg Kelly rape story, you may be wondering what recourse the television anchor has. His reputation was damaged from the accusation, as evidenced by his time off air on his Fox morning show. Additionally, many people may stop following the story after the initial crush of Greg Kelly rape headlines.

Still, it’s not clear if Kelly can sue the woman for defamation as the charges were arguably made in a judicial proceeding — the statements made to police officers which could be used in a legal proceeding.

Greg Kelly was accused of rape. The facts appear not to support the accusation, and the television host may now be looking for ways to clean up his reputation.

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