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Another Shopping Cart Throw Down, 2 Injured in Bronx

In another shopping cart thrown down story, two people were seriously injured at a Bronx Home Depot store when someone threw a shopping cart off the second level of a parking garage onto the victims.

This follows a similar incident three months ago when two juveniles threw a shopping cart onto a mother at a Harlem Target store. However, unlike the earlier incident, it appears that the Bronx shopping cart incident had more nefarious motives than just two kids playing around, as was the case at the Harlem Target, reports the New York Post.

Police say that the two victims of the Bronx shopping cart crash may have been targeted. The victims, 52-year-old Camara Lounceny and 30-year-old Sagne Ibrahima, were both African immigrants and were livery car drivers. It’s believed that Dominican livery rivals deliberately attacked them as they walked to the Home Depot, reports the Post.

The suspects are in custody and they will likely face criminal charges for assault and battery. They could also be sued in a civil suit, and unlike the Harlem incident, the suspects would be on the hook for the full extent of the damages they caused as they do not appear to be minors. In the Harlem Target incident, the parents of the minor suspects faced limited liability for the actions of their children.

When a Bronx shopping cart was thrown down from a parking garage, two African immigrants were seriously injured. Rival livery car drivers are alleged to be behind the shopping cart incident. The suspects face criminal liability and could be sued as well.

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