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Jim Boeheim Defamation Case Digs Up Dirt on Laurie Fine

It started out as a sexual abuse case much like the one leveled against Jerry Sandusky. A former Syracuse assistant basketball coach was accused of sexually assaulting teenage ball boys for several years during the 1990s.

But the case has taken some strange turns and has morphed into a Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim defamation suit with key evidence being Laurie Fine sex allegations, reports the New York Post.

After former Syracuse ball boy, and purported Bernie Fine victim, Mark Davis stepped forward with the sexual abuse allegations, Jim Boeheim stepped up and defended his assistant calling Davis an opportunistic liar, reports the Post. As a result, Davis sued the university and Boeheim for defamation saying that the coach engaged in a smear campaign against him.

To prove defamation, the plaintiff generally has to show that the defendant carelessly made a false statement that damaged the plaintiff’s reputation. In Jim Boeheim’s case, Davis says that the coach was negligent calling him a liar as the coach should have known there were strange sexual relationships going on between his players and Bernie Fine’s wife, thereby giving some merit to Davis’ claims of sexual abuse.

This claim seems to be a bit tenuous, but it has nevertheless generated plenty of tabloid fodder involving Laurie Fine sex allegations. For example, she was accused of having multiple sexual relationships with players and it was supposedly well known in the locker room that any player could have sex with her.

The Mark Davis sexual abuse claim has taken many twists and turns. The focus of the lawsuit now appears to be the Jim Boeheim defamation suit and salacious Laurie Fine sex allegations.

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