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Baby Dies From Herpes After Orally Assisted Circumcision

The Brooklyn District Attorney is looking into the death of a baby who passed away after contracting herpes from an Orthodox Jewish ritual. The ritual involves removing blood from the circumcision wound with the rabbi’s mouth. The practice, known as metzizah b’peh, continues to be widespread in Orthodox communities in New York, despite previous cases of babies contracting or dying from herpes after the ritual.

In 2003 and 2004, three cases of Type I herpes were tied to rituals performed by Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer. He has since been prohibited from performing the ritual in New York City.

It is unknown who the rabbi was in the present case.

What To Do After a Car Accident in New York

Car accidents can happen at any time. You might be having a texting war with your significant other, or you may be turning the dial away from the recent pop phenom's grating song, and end up hitting someone or being hit.

What happens at that point? What are you supposed to do?

The question of what to do after a car accident in New York is not one to be taken lightly, because often car accidents lead to medical bills, lost wages at work, pain and suffering claims, and potentially even long-term care needs.

Here are the steps that you should take if you are involved a New York car accident.

Anthony Lacertosa Killing Involves Albanian Mobster?

The killing of just-engaged Staten Island bricklayer Anthony Lacertosa, previously written about by FindLaw’s New York Criminal Law News, just became a lot more complicated.

It turns out that the alleged attacker in the Anthony Lacertosa killing, Redinal Dervishaj, may be a possible Albanian mobster, reports New York Post. Dervishaj insists that when he put the butcher knife into Lacertosa’s chest he was acting out of self-defense of himself and the owner of the restaurant outside of which people from Lacertosa’s engagement party were urinating on the property.

After allegedly killing Anthony Lacertosa, he reportedly escaped to Illinois where he was hiding out at the house belonging to his aunt.

What Do You Need To Know About Knives in New York?

As guns become increasingly scarce in New York, reports Reuters, it is conceiveable that knives may become more popular as a way of self-defense and even aggression.

In fact, recently in Staten Island, a newly engaged man was stabbed to death, as reported by FindLaw’s New York Personal Injury News Blog.

Not only can a knife lead to death, it can cause injury and lead to potential personal injury lawsuits.

Brooklyn: Meals-On-Wheels Driver Hits Car, Bus Swerves

Usually scenes like this occur in cartoons, but yesterday in Brooklyn, a local food truck caused a big pile up, which included a bus, reports the New York Post.

A “meals-on-wheels” driver hit a car with his van. A bus swerved to avoid the wreck and slammed into a crowd. And a dozen people were hurt.

The van, which belongs to the Jewish Association Serving the Aging, is suspected to have run a red light. The accident occurred on Avenue J near Ocean Avenue in Midwood. The Toyota Corolla that the van struck was flipped onto its side.

Broken Handrail to Blame for LIRR Escalator Death?

Eighty-eight-year-old Irene Bernatzky was killed earlier this week while riding the escalator at the Lindenhurst Station of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR). Apparently, the handrail on the escalator was broken making it impossible for the elderly woman to have a proper grasp.

In the ghastly LIRR escalator death, Bernatzky fell as she rode the escalator and was unable to brace herself, apparently due to the faulty handrail. After falling, the woman's clothes got stuck in the escalator and she was slowly choked to death, reports the New York Post.

Jury: Lotto Winner Must Split Winnings with Pool

Proving that a winning lottery ticket did not come from a pool is very hard as Americo Lopes discovered yesterday. As we wrote earlier, Lopes was the purchase-man for a lottery pool at work at a New Jersey construction firm. When Lopes struck the jackpot winning $77 million, he kept the news to himself, later claiming that he independently bought the winning ticket.

As you can imagine, his poolmates were outraged and brought a lottery ticket lawsuit. Despite showing records of over a thousand bets, a jury sided with the plaintiffs and ordered that Lopes hand over $20 million to his poolmates. Lopes whined that he was robbed, reports the New York Post.

Adelphi Academy, Family of Student Involved in Nasty Lawsuits

In the Adelphi Academy lawsuits, the family of a student claimed their child was beat up by a school administrator. And when the family complained, all three of their sons were expelled. The tony Brooklyn prep school denies this, and countersued the family for defamation.

Eleven-year-old Brandon Kushnerick was allegedly grabbed, punched, and physically manhandled by a school administrator nicknamed the "Enforcer," reports the New York Post. The parents complained and even called police, leading to the arrest of the Enforcer, Jon Barry Kablack.

Lottery Winner Sued by Poolmates

Americo Lopes says he bought the lottery ticket independently and that the $77 million jackpot belongs to him alone. Members of his lottery pool say the winning ticket was part of a pooled fund and that they should each share $4 million.

A New Jersey court will have the task of resolving this lottery dispute and deciding whether the ticket was in fact part of a pool, reports the New York Post.

Wedding Photographer Lawsuit for Very Bad Customer Service

Edward and Camile Handy hired Glamour Me Studio in Richmond Hill to take pictures for their wedding. For $5,443, the couple got two videographers, a photographer, and a 60-picture photo album.

The Handys say they did not get what they paid for as there were missing images and a blown deadline for the wedding video, reports the New York Post. So the Handys did what any unhappy consumer would do in the digital age -- they went online to complain.

High-fashion often costs a lot of money because you’re buying an image or fantasy of the life that comes with these clothes or accessories. If Angelina Jolie is photographed with a Louis Vuitton bag somewhere on an African safari, you too can have a part of that if you simply pay a few thousand dollars.

So when news comes out that an Alexander Wang Chinatown "sweatshop" is allegedly behind that designer's high-priced dreams, that news can be devastating as you picture a 56-year-old Chinese man named Wenyu slaving over your leather pants.

Not a pretty picture.

Blogger Brings Keith Olbermann Defamation Suit

Be careful what you say, even if what you say is on a little-watched cable network. Conservative video blogger and prankster James O'Keefe brought a Keith Olbermann defamation lawsuit alleging that a liberal pundit made untrue remarks about O'Keefe's criminal background on Olbermann's show.

Olbermann, who has a show on Current TV, had a guest on his show last week who said that O'Keefe had been convicted of a felony and accused of rape, reports the New York Post. O'Keefe, who achieved notoriety as the undercover video blogger who posed as a pimp to catch an ACORN staffer and later captured a public radio exec ripping Republicans, says these claims are untrue and that mainstream media will say anything to get ratings.

In December, Madison Avenue ad executive Suzanne Hart stepped into an elevator at her office building. With half her body in the elevator and half her body out, the elevator shot up without warning crushing the 41-year-old executive.

Now it is being reported that elevator mechanic Michael Hill may have been to blame for the elevator death.