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Wedding Photographer Lawsuit for Very Bad Customer Service

Edward and Camile Handy hired Glamour Me Studio in Richmond Hill to take pictures for their wedding. For $5,443, the couple got two videographers, a photographer, and a 60-picture photo album.

The Handys say they did not get what they paid for as there were missing images and a blown deadline for the wedding video, reports the New York Post. So the Handys did what any unhappy consumer would do in the digital age -- they went online to complain.

On the website, Ed Handy complained about the missing images and poor service. In their lawsuit, the Handys claim that Glamour Me Studio responded by posting "salacious and derogatory images" on the Internet of the couple, including Ed Handy's grinning head on the body of a curvy blonde and the bride's beaming face atop a nearly naked woman, reports the Post.

In addition, the Handys claim that they were harassed by Glamour Me staffers with threats and fake claims that Ed Handy was a sex offender, even posting Handy's home address online.

It wasn't reported what damages the Handys are seeking in the wedding photographer lawsuit. They could claim damages related to emotional distress for the harassment and derogatory photoshopped images. They could even claim damages if Ed Handy's reputation was hurt by the sex offender allegation. But more likely, a judge will step into this dispute and just order the parties to stop the bickering -- for Glamour Me Studio to remove the images from the Internet, apologize, and deliver the photos, and for the Handys to enjoy their life as a married couple.

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