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Could Safe Sex Video Cause Seniors to Break a Hip?

Before you proceed with this article, beware! It contains material that may disturb some viewers.

Seniors need love too. And apparently, sexually-transmitted diseases amongst our elders have risen over 70% in the last five years, reports the Gothamist.

That is a lot of senior citizen lovin'.

The problem with this public service announcement is that it displays some positions that appear to be a bit risky for the older folk. Some of the more acrobatic positions would probably be unsafe for twenty-year-olds, let alone those with arthritis and osteoporosis.

This video, while hilarious and well intentioned, really needs one of those, “this course was driven by professional drivers” disclaimers in a large enough font to be read by those with vision problems. Imagine the pain that this video could cause if someone watches it, gets a naughty inclination, and then breaks a hip acting it out.

Judge for yourself, though beware for the faint of heart that this video contains fully clothed simulated sexual activity. Note, It is probably NSFW: Safe Sex for Seniors

Do those positions look safe for the older folk to you?

When the video is advertised as “Safe Sex for Seniors,” those watching the video could think that everything in the video is safe. A strong argument for negligence could be made. As a public service announcement on safe sex, the creaters arguably have a duty to put only safe things in the video. Or at least a solid warning/disclaimer.

A counter-argument could be made that, after a lifetime of procreation-related activity, seniors know best, and no reasonable person would rely on such a video for inspiration or opinion on what is safe and what is not safe. Still, if they have a lawyer, she should be telling them to add a disclaimer before Betty White slips and falls.

Artificial hips may break. Pacemakers may explode. Do they really want to be responsible?

And for you vibrant, young at heart seniors, before you attempt such activities, you might want to consult with a New York City Estate Planning lawyer. Better safe than sorry, right?

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