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Ryan Gosling Again a Good Samaritan; Make Him a Superhero!

It is still mind-boggling that Ryan Reynolds could be cast as two superheroes at once. He starred in the recent box office disappointment Green Lantern and is signed to play Deadpool in an upcoming movie. Fans of the X-Men series will recall his small role in that film as the same Deadpool character.

So here is a proposal: replace him with Ryan Gosling, who is a real life hero. That way, children everywhere will not stay awake pondering how Green Lantern man, wearing the wrong costume, could also be killed in the Wolverine movie and then be resurrected and rebooted for another movie with the same Deadpool character. Confused yet? The kids will be too.

Gosling pulled reporter Laurie Penny out of the path of an oncoming taxi cab, reports Metro New York. Penny, being a Londoner, did not look the proper way before crossing the street. Once she mentally recovered from her near death experience, a bystander confirmed the identitiy of the star and Penny proceeded to report the encounter on Twitter.

All right, so just maybe the lady he saved, does not think he is a superhero for saving her life. Still he did save her from being creamed by a cab. Moreover, readers may recall he also recently broke up a street fight over a painting.

And these are just the times where he did not have the chance to sneak away and change into tights in a phone booth.

Not that it would have mattered to Gosling, but the law has his back too. The Good Samaritan law covers him if he tries to save someone's life and she is hurt in the process. For example, had he pulled the young reporter out of the way of the cab, resulting in her falling on her rear and breaking her coccyx, he could not be held liable. Why? The law wants people to be saved by other nice people.

Prior to the introduction of this law, a rescuer was legally liable if they made the rescuee worse. Therefore, had she broke her coccyx, Gosling would have had to pay for it. Now, under the Good Samaritan law, unless the rescuer is grossly negligent, they are immune from being sued.

Hollywood, it is time. Ryan Gosling has been protecting the streets in real life long enough. The Good Samaritan who saved reporter Laurie Penny deserves people to see him on the big screen as he is in real life. If you won't do it for Gosling, or his legion of fans, do it for the children.

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