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Did BMW Motorcycle Cause Indefatigable Erection?

In what may be the greatest testament to the thrill of riding a BMW motorcycle ever, a man is suing BMW because his motorcycle gave him an erection lasting over twenty months. Yes, twenty months.

According to the Huffington Post, the complaint, brought by Henry Wolf, in San Francisco on April 26, alleges that BMW, the manufacturer of the bike, and Corbin-Pacific, which manufactured the custom seat on the bike, are to blame for his persistent, painful erection. The indefatigable erection began shortly after making two two-hour rides on his 1993 BMW motorcycle in 2010.

Now, we've covered the potential downfall of bicycle riding in regards to impotency, and the problem would seem to be equally applicable to motorcycles. It may in fact be worse, due to the vibrations of the motor under the seat. However, Henry Wolf is alleging the exact opposite.

Priapism, the sterile term for a long lasting and painful erection, apparently comes in multiple varieties. There is low-flow, which is caused by blood being trapped in the erection chambers. This can occur without a known cause in otherwise healthy men, but also affects those with leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and malaria. There is also the high-flow version, which is usually a result of a ruptured artery in the penis or perineum.

For the common issue with bicycle and motorcycle seats causing impotence, the problem results from extensive pressure on the perineum from the seat. Now, it seems physically possible, at least to those of us without medical degrees, for perhaps that pressure, combined with a few jolts in the road, to bump an artery in the perineum and rupture it. However, at least one expert has told CBS Detroit that there is no medical data to support the man's claim.

Wolf could also be on shaky grounds legally, at least in regards to one of his defendants. He is suing BMW because the seat and vibrations allegedly caused his issues. However, the bike was equipped with a custom Corbin seat. By changing out the OEM seat for an aftermarket seat, he modified the bike significantly and made the legal connection of causation difficult to prove. Since the seat itself is the reason for the medical curiosity, it will be hard to sustain an action against BMW without finding additional bikers with painful persistent erections and unmodified motorcycles.

As for Henry Wolf's products liability lawsuit against Corbin, if he can tie the injury to the motorcycle ride, he might actually have a case against them. They manufacture custom replacement seats and the product was used for its exact intended purpose. If he can prove causation through expert testimony, and a reasonable alternative design, such as the OEM seat it replaced, then he might just have a case of an unreasonably dangerous product.

If you've experienced a painful prolonged erection after riding a motorcycle, then you might want to consider contacting a Manhattan Injury Lawyer, just in case motorcycle seats are to blame for your condition.

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