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Grill Masters: Beware the Bristles of the Barbeque Brush!

Some might say that New York Senator Chuck Schumer has a stick, well, someplace a stick should never be. But at least he doesn’t have a bristle in his throat, as happened to this poor man in Texas, reports CBS Los Angeles. Even still, according to Politicker, Schumer is worried about it, and wants you to be worried about it as well.

Matt McMahon, of Carrollton, Texas, was grilling out, cooking up burgers for the family. Unfortunately, after eating one of the burgers, he discovered that he had something stuck in his throat. It took a surgeon four hours to get the 1.5 cm metal brush bristle out of his throat.

Freak accident? Quite possibly, but that doesn't matter to Schumer. He is pushing for the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the FDA to launch a safety review of the products and to warn consumers about their danger.

Metal bristles? OH THE HUMANITY!

The thing is, the bristly brushes do come with a warning label. The label states that if the brush is falling apart, don't use it and toss it out. Common sense, no?

Even still, if there is a reasonable alternative design to a brush made of sharp metal bristles, it would be advisable for the companies that produce these brushes to look into it. If the alternative design is found to have existed and yet the companies failed to replace their unnecessarily dangerous product, they could be liable. And with the sheer number of those brushes out there, it could develop into a huge class-action case.

In the meantime, try using an onion on a fork next time. It's an environmentally friendly solution that won't leave metal spikes in your throat.

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