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Eat, Fry, Turkey Remix: Shatner Again Saves Us From Turkey Fires

Everything on Earth is better fried. Snickers are better when deep fried. Twinkies as well. Fried greens are far more edible than ordinary rabbit food.

And then there is poultry. Grilled and baked chicken is good. Fried chicken is magical. One would expect the same out of turkey, which too often shows up on the Thanksgiving table dried out and in need of a gravy bath.

It’s always best to seek the advice of elders before trying something new. Before you try to turkey fry, let’s ask William Shatner his thoughts on the matter:

Some of you may have seen the original version of Shatner's public service announcement last year. Much like frying food, nearly every video is better when auto tuned into a catchy music video. Would you rather read this announcement by the Consumer Products Safety Commission on the dangers of turkey fryers or hear Shatner discuss his missing "dingle dangle"?

Thought so. As a review of our master's lessons, here are some tips to prevent turkey fryer accidents:


  • Defrost the turkey fully (ice and oil don't mix!).
  • Don't overfill the oil level. If you are unsure how much oil to use, put the turkey in the fryer (sans oil) and add water until there is about 1/2 inch of cover. Remove the turkey and mark the resulting water level.
  • Dry any water from the outside of the turkey.


  • Use your fryer out in the open, away from buildings and carports.
  • After heating the oil, turn the flame off when adding the turkey.
  • Turn the flame back on once the turkey is settled in the oil.
  • Raise and lower food slowly to reduce splatter and avoid burns.
  • Cover bare skin when adding or removing food.
  • Check the oil temperature frequently.
  • If oil begins to smoke, immediately turn the gas supply off.
    • Oil, at a certain temperature, can self-ignite. This is typically around the point where the smoking occurs.
  • If a fire occurs, immediately call 911. Use a fire extinguisher approved for oil fires.

Some of you will think, "fried turkey, that can't be healthy!" True, but it's a holiday. What isn't healthy are third degree burns and smoke inhalation. And personal and a injury lawsuit from Uncle Bob who was standing just a bit too close...

And don't forget your dingle dangle!

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