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Top 10 New York Personal Injury Stories of 2012 (Part I of II)

Ahhh, personal injury law. It's not just wet floors and car accidents. If it were, we'd be too busy falling asleep on our keyboards to blog.

No ma'am, personal injury is where some of the oddest stories emerge. Looking back on 2012, our 10 most popular posts included everything from skinny jeans causing injuries to inmate dating sites. Enjoy.

1. Eat, Fry, Turkey Remix: Shatner Again Saves Us From Turkey Fires

What better way to start our Tour de Personal Injury than with one of the greatest (fictional) lawyers of all time -- Denny Crane. His real life counterpart, William Shatner, hit the airwaves to warn us about an inherently dangerous product: the turkey fryer.

2. Meet-An-Inmate's Sexiest Women ... Is This Really a Good Idea?

You know what's better than an attractive woman? An allegedly crazy, murderous, psychotic woman. In the magic lands of the Internet, a bored blogger took up the cause of these incarcerated enchantresses. After all, even if you're locked up, nobody wants to be lonely. The only issue we had, besides Maeghan Rice not returning our letters, were the issues of legal liability and negligence. Is it safe to provide contact information for inmates without a proper disclaimer or filter?

3. The Toilets at the Standard Hotel Come With a View ... and No Warning

An even worse idea than dating an inmate is using the toilets at the Standard Hotel, if you value your privacy, that is. The Standard's Boom Boom Room (an upscale nightclub) has fancy toilets with windows to the city of New York. Unfortunately, the windows are the run-of-the-mill transparent kind, meaning passersby or those in neighboring buildings can use a telephoto lens or binoculars to sneak a peek.

4. 'Hippy Dippy Chick' Sues 'Fair and Balanced' Fox News

Everyone has an opinion. Not every opinion is easy to hear, however. Greta Van Susteren, Juliet Huddy, and Bill O'Reilly, of Fox News fame, expressed their opinion about a government agency spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars on conferences and on a drum circle held by a "hippy dippy chick," the plaintiff Aviva Nash. She took umbrage to their name-calling and responded not in kind, but with litigation.

5. New Law Puts Severe Restrictions on Westboro Baptist Funeral Protests

The old saying is that the best remedy for unwanted speech is more speech. After all, this county values the freedom of speech greatly. This applies to any speech, whether that speech is a war protest or a band of fools uttering homophobic slurs and celebrating the deaths of American soldiers. However, no right is absolute. Every right can be restricted if there is an interest worth protecting, such as honoring the service of fallen soldiers and respecting their families' rights to grieve in peace. This post detailed some of the law's more important provisions.

Eyes tired yet? Our fingers are. We'll have the rest of the top 10 later this week.

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