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Top 10 New York Personal Injury Stories of 2012 (Part II of II)

We told you personal injury law could be exciting. And the fun doesn't stop with our Top 5 posts of 2012, either.

We've got five more of the most popular personal injury stories of 2012. Just in case you fell asleep when you heard "law," these will definitely grab your attention:

6. Lottery Winner Sued by Poolmates

Americo Lopes took time off of work to get foot surgery. Upon his return, he told his boss that he was quitting because he won the lottery. Suspicious coworkers checked up on his story and discovered that the day he struck it rich was the same day of the office lotto pool. They sued, and a New Jersey court will get to sort out the mess.

7. The Tale of the One-Legged Millionaire and the Naked Masseuse

No, it wasn't a Harlequin Romance novel or a Sherlock Homes book. A one-legged real estate mogul flung a gold Rolex at stripper and naked masseuse (uh-huh) when she jokingly asked for more money. She got 16 stitches; he got 60 days in jail and was served with a lawsuit.

8. Marisa Tomei Lawsuit for Being Bad Neighbor

They had us at Marisa Tomei. The "My Cousin Vinny" actress was sued for negligent water use (apparently, that's a thing) after she somehow flooded her neighbors' apartments, including an apartment owned by famed "Hairspray" director John Waters. The suit, brought by insurance companies, sought $130,000 in damages, which for such a talented and lovely actress, should be just a drop in the bucket.

9. Couple Arrested For Doing the Charleston - Nope, Not a Euphemism

NYPD officers are known for some allegedly overzealous arrests and subsequent lawsuits. What was the most ridiculous arrest of the year? This might be it. A lovely couple, overcome by the sounds of steel drums being played in the subway, began to dance the Charleston -- the actual dance. Eight "ninja cops" came out of nowhere and arrested the couple for disorderly conduct and impeding the flow of traffic.

10. Skinny Jeans Can Permanently Injure You ... Products Liability?

In a blow to hipsters, emo kids, and fashionistas everywhere, medical professions called for people to wear pants that fit. Why? Apparently skinny jeans, if too tight, can cause meralgia paresthetica -- nerve damage to the thighs. We think it should be called "skinny jean syndrome." We also don't think a lawsuit would have a chance in court, as even in the most kangaroo of courts, a party's own negligence can come back to haunt him.

And that's a wrap. Burn the skinny jeans, turn off the water, and don't dance in public. For 2013, we'd keep an eye on the tidal wave of police misconduct lawsuits, and of course, stop and frisk litigation, as both are ripe for major court decisions.

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