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Can You Sue a Cruise Line Over a Bad Vacation?

Did you recently go on a bad cruise and want to know what your legal options are? Specifically, can you sue a cruise line for ruining your vacation?

These days, Carnival Cruises have made headlines for some unsightly and unfortunate accidents. But according to travel experts, it doesn't look like there's much hope for those who want to sue the cruise line.

A recent Carnival cruise ship was left stranded in the Gulf of Mexico as 3,000 passengers endured days without electricity and watched in horror as their toilets overflowed, CNN reports.

In response, Carnival offered each passenger $500, a free flight home and a refund. The passengers also got a credit for another cruise.

But some still want to sue.

If you're interested in suing a cruise line, here's what you need to know:

For starters, your insurance company isn't going to be much help. They won't likely compensate you for a trip gone wrong on a cruise ship.

Also, your chances of collecting damages for anything are slim. Unless you were inflicted with some form of egregious pain or suffering, you likely won't get much. At least not if your cruise ticket limits a lawsuit for emotional distress.

Your cruise ticket can serve as a contract. The fine print in the ticket usually limits the types of lawsuits you can bring. For one, Carnival limits the ability to bring a class-action suit against the cruise line. While this type of clause is not allowed in the United States, Carnival is not incorporated in the U.S., says CNN.

The bottom line is this: While a bad cruise and a bad vacation can make you very upset, it's not always worth it to sue a cruise line. If they're offering you some form of compensation for the trouble, see if you can get more; it may be wise to just take what you eventually get.

But what about threatening a lawsuit? That probably won't scare them too much. Instead, consider threatening them with going to news outlets or giving them a bad review. Chances are they'll be more scared of bad press than a lawsuit.

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