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5 Actions That Can Make a Car Accident Even Worse

Getting into a nasty fender bender can leave you fuming. But some common antics by angry drivers after an accident can make the situation even worse.

Here are five things you should avoid doing after an accident, or else risk digging yourself deeper into trouble:

1. Fleeing the Scene.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime under New York state law. It can even lead to jail time if there are personal injuries involved.

Avoid this by staying at the scene and providing your license and proof of insurance to the other party in the accident, and to the police when they arrive.

2. Apologizing for the Accident.

You may be a very good and sympathetic person, but telling the other driver that you're sorry for hitting her can potentially be used as an admission of your guilt at trial.

Avoid this by remaining polite while talking with the other driver but not discussing the accident or your feelings about your part in it.

3. Shouting Like a Crazy Person.

Letting off steam might feel good at the moment, but it will cost you later when used as evidence and possibly an excited utterance. Avoid this by maintaining a cool facade even if you're boiling away inside.

4. Talking to Others About the Accident.

While it is natural to want to tell your friends and family about something as drastic as an accident, don't talk about the accident to any attorney or insurance company representing the other driver.

Avoid this by making sure to direct any calls or emails by the other party to your attorney or insurance company.

5. Jumping on the First Offer.

When the issue has reached the point where insurance companies and attorneys are discussing settlement, do not blindly accept the first dollar amount that someone throws at you.

Avoid this by contacting a New York car accident attorney if you haven't already, and make sure to discuss the settlement with her before going forward.

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