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Biker Run Over in SUV Chase May Be Paralyzed

A biker who was run over by an SUV during a motorcycle outing is now paralyzed and in a coma. 32-year-old Edwin Mieses was allegedly trying to defuse a violent confrontation that was occurring when he was run over, New York's WABC reports.

The SUV driver, Alexian Lien, is alleged to have initially tapped one of the bikers, which then prompted a swarm of bikers to go after him. The group chased him until they hit the George Washington Bridge ramp, where a biker apparently ripped open his car door. Lien then took off again and ran over Mieses. The bikers then chased after Lien, pulled him from his car, and beat him in front of his wife and two-year-old, to the point where he needed stitches.

What sort of liability could Lien face for Mieses' injuries?