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Citi Bike Slammed with $15M Injury Suit

A Connecticut man and his wife are suing New York City and Citi Bike's private operator for the serious injuries he sustained after a Citi Bike accident.

Ronald Corwin, 73, alleges he suffered traumatic nerve palsy after the bike he was riding on struck a low barrier installed next to the docking station and caused him to flip over, according to the New York Daily News.

Corwin has accused the city and the private operator of negligence in installing the barrier and is seeking $15 million in damages.

Suing For Negligence

For negligence lawsuits, the suing party has to prove that the defendant had a duty to act reasonably, but breached that duty. It also has to be shown that the breach in duty caused injuries and that he or she is entitled to damages.

Corwin claims in his suit that the barrier was negligently put in his path. He alleges that even though the barrier is at least six feet wide and six inches high, he didn't see it because it blended with the road and there were no distinguishing markers.

The Citi Bike accident allegedly caused Corwin to lose his ability to taste and smell. He claims that his losses from the accident entitle him to $15 million, reports the Daily News.

Bicycle Safety Tips

With bike sharing programs popping up all over the country, cyclists should remember obey all traffic laws. Although biking and driving a car are very different, both are subject to the same traffic laws. Cyclists can also be liable for injuries caused when they disobey traffic laws, and you can contact a personal injury attorney in New York City for a better understanding of these laws.

You should also always wear a helmet. It may seem like a no-brainer to protect your noggin, and children in New York under 14 and working cyclists (e.g. delivery cyclists) are required to wear them. Even if you aren't required to wear one, the New York City Department of Transportation suggests everyone should wear a helmet.

Corwin's accident occurred at the E. 56th St. Citi Bike station, and the Daily News reports the offending barrier is now painted orange with an orange construction cone next to it.

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