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Pedestrian Accidents in New York

Pedestrian Accidents are all too common in New York City given the vast amounts of traffic in the Big Apple. The New York DMV reports that in New York City in 2008, there were 10,973 pedestrian accidents. Generally, these accidents occur when the driver is not exercising "reasonable care under the circumstances." If the driver is distracted, texting, on a cell phone, not following traffic signs, or driving under the influence, he could be a part of a pedestrian accident. However, pedestrians are expected to obey traffic laws and exercise good judgment about traffic conditions. Generally, pedestrian accidents involve parsing out responsibility such as comparative negligence and fault.

If you need legal advice on any personal injury issue in New York, including pedestrian accidents, you should speak to a New York personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys often offer free consultations and generally take cases on contingency, which means that you will not be expected to pay attorney fees unless you receive a favorable verdict. For more information about pedestrian accidents in New York City, see:

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Family of Man Crushed to Death by Street Sweeper Seeks Answers

There's an old legal truism that applies to situations like this: res ipsa loquitur, or the thing speaks for itself. The classic example is a barrel of flour that rolls out of the second story window of a bakery, crushing a man standing below. While one might not be able to point to the exact negligent behavior that led to the man's death, absent some negligence, in storing the barrels, securing the windows, or in transporting flour, he would not have been killed.

This seems perfectly applicable to the case of Ronald Sinvil, 36, who was crushed by a street sweeper. You've seen these vehicles. They move slower than a grandmother on a Hoveround. So how did such a slow moving vehicle manage to accidently run over a man who, minutes earlier, was asking his girlfriend for directions to her apartment?

National Guard Truck Barrels Over Elderly Pedestrian

Like nearly every auto accident, the question of who is at fault is answered differently depending on the person answering. The National Guard blames the pedestrian, who died after being hit by a personnel carrier headed to pick up relief supplies. A spokesperson told The New York Times that the pedestrian disregarded a police escort and “stepped into traffic.”

On the other hand, an eyewitness told Streetsblog that there was no police escort and that the convoy blasted through red lights, nearly running the witness over as well. There were no sirens or other warnings that it was unsafe to cross. Kwok Fu, 82, was not jaywalking or trying to beat the convoy. He was hit by the final truck, which was speeding through the red light to catch up to the other trucks.

Speeding Bicyclists vs. Careless Pedestrians (No One Wins)

The Daily News reports that their own earth-shattering investigation revealed that … gasp … bicyclists in spandex shorts are speeding! Not only are they breaking the posted speed limits in Central Park, but it puts pedestrians at risk. The intrepid investigative reporters clocked 16 cyclists breaking the 25 mph limit in a 35 minute period. One cyclist even reached a mind-numbing 30 mph.

In all seriousness though, this does sound like a series of severe accidents waiting to happen. Combine those that are Lance Armstronging with those that are visually and mentally fixated on their Apple iOS Crack and you have a dangerous potential for oblivious pedestrian meeting careless cyclist.

'I Didn't See Her' Might Work For Criminal Defense, Not P.I.

There's finally enough information to follow-up on the tragic story of Roxanna Sorina-Buta, 21, of Queens. In late May, the young lady was returning home from her job. While she was crossing the street, with the light, she was run over by a dump truck. The truck did not stop or alert police. It simply disappeared.

At the time, there was no information on who the driver was and where the truck was from. However, after an extensive investigation, the police finally identified the driver and identified the truck as a New York City Department of Transportation truck, reports the Gothamist.

Viral Video Gets NYC MTA To Repair Subway Stairs in 24 Hours

What's the quickest way to get the MTA to repair a safety hazard at a subway station? We wish it was as simple as hiring a lawyer, but one amateur filmmaker has shown that the viral video might be even quicker, reports NBC New York.

Drew Peterson noticed something odd about the stairs at his regular stop. For some reason, nearly everyone was tripping on the way out of the 36th Street Station. He first noticed it when both he and his girlfriend regularly tripped. So, he set up a camera to document other pedestrians tripping as well. Person after person, including a man carrying a baby, caught their foot on the step.

How to Fight a Jaywalking Ticket in NYC

We all know that cops do not often hand out jaywalking tickets. However, if you are unlucky enough to run into a cop that decides this is the day to hand out a ticket, then you will need to know how to fight it.

The thing is, jaywalking tickets are so rare that no one knows what the laws actually are. Googling "New York Jaywalking Laws" gives you articles about Rudy Giulianni and Jewish Rabbis. After digging through the state code, this should help you on your day in court.

If you crossed the street outside of a crosswalk, New York State Law requires you to yield to automobile traffic. It is as simple as that. Basically, you are recreating Frogger in person.

Ryan Gosling Again a Good Samaritan; Make Him a Superhero!

It is still mind-boggling that Ryan Reynolds could be cast as two superheroes at once. He starred in the recent box office disappointment Green Lantern and is signed to play Deadpool in an upcoming movie. Fans of the X-Men series will recall his small role in that film as the same Deadpool character.

So here is a proposal: replace him with Ryan Gosling, who is a real life hero. That way, children everywhere will not stay awake pondering how Green Lantern man, wearing the wrong costume, could also be killed in the Wolverine movie and then be resurrected and rebooted for another movie with the same Deadpool character. Confused yet? The kids will be too.

Bicycle Pedestrian Accidents a Greater Concern

A new study by Hunter College shows that bicycle pedestrian accidents are a greater concern than previously thought. In New York City, more than 500 pedestrians each year are injured badly enough after getting struck by a bicycle to require a hospital visit.

While 500 serious injuries may pale in comparison to the number of pedestrian injuries caused by cars in the city, the number is surprisingly high for researchers, reports The New York Times. Only two years ago, an analysis of different data showed just a little over 1,000 hospital-inducing bike/pedestrian accidents for the whole country.

The Lamar Odom car accident in Queens resulted in the death of a 15-year old boy. And according to reports, onlookers were more interested in the Los Angeles Lakers' forward than they were in helping the dying teenager, Awsaf Islam.

The New York Daily News reports that a motorcycle hit the front bumper of a Cadillac Escalade carrying Odom. The motorcycle then spun out of control and struck Islam who was riding a scooter. Islam died shortly thereafter.

Cpl. Steve Jorgenson Dies in Traffic Accident on West Side Hwy

Family members of those in the armed services live with the fear that their loved one will be killed in combat. But for the family of 22-year-old Marine Cpl. Steve Jorgenson, the news was in a way, worse. Having survived nine months in Afghanistan and training for a new "dangerous" mission, Cpl. Jorgenson was killed in a traffic accident on the West Side Highway early on the morning of May 26.

It was his first night in New York.